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Hire a Virtual Assistant

save time, increase revenue

Hire a part-time, full-time or even a team of Virtual Assistants. Outsource jobs, projects, and tasks to help streamline workflow, add new skills to your business or simply free up time.


Managed Outsourcing

for businesses with websites

Grow your business with innovative business services in a secure outsourced environment designed for businesses of all sizes to enhance brand image, streamline processes & increase profit.

Remove Non-Core Tasks that Slow You Down

Here Are Just a Few Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

General Administraion

Turbocharge your admin processes and workflow. Hire motivated VAs to do specific tasks relative to your business.

Ticket Support

Build loyalty. Anwser customer questions using ticket support and a virtual assistant as your brand ambassador.

Customer Care

Show your customers that your care. Welcome new customers & care for existing customers with a loving call.


Let your VA implement and manage your next recruitment drive.  Find qualified applicants, interview and hire the best.


Create impact with impressive presentations for client meetings, social media marketing or your website.

Social Media Marketing

Engage your target market with social media marketing. Build more relationships, create trust & sell more.

Live Chat

Attend to customers and visitors on your website. Provide crucial answers to questions that lead to more sales.

Lead Generation

Contact potential customers with an informative and helpful call and share free ideas about how you can help.

Online Research

use online research to strengthen your business strategy, product development, sales, and marketing. Know your market!

Meeting Minutes

Appoint & document action during internal and external meetings. Get more done with accountable team players.

Blog Management

Strengthen your presence with an organized blogging platform.  Create relevant content that gets found.

Appointment Booking

Maximize sales productivity Keep key players in front of potential customers with scheduled appointments.

Customer Surveys

Find out what your customers think by way of online and telephone surveys.  Stay ahead and delight your customers.

Blog Commenting

Target Market; comment on industry related blogs to build search engine reputation with credible backlinks.

Business Reports

Generate well presented, meaningful, and concise business reports that meet intended goals and objectives

Why do noncore tasks internally when a virtual assistant can do them faster, concistently and effectively.


Motivated and trainable

Work with smart motivated virtual assistants that are eager to learn and develop new skills & ideas and implement with enthusiasm.


Enjoy virtual assistants that care, take pride in and take ownership of everything they do for you. Our virtual assistants become your team.

Flexible & Expandable

Where there is a will there’s is a way. So whether you are looking for customized tasks, adjustable workflows, or specific skills. Yes, we can!

Virtual Assistant Packages For Everyone

Transfer time consuming work to your own team of skilled Virtual Assistants

VA Basic

40 Hours Per Month

All Services Included

3 Hrs Free Training

Operational Management

Company Training

VA 6 Monthly Appraisals



VA Standard

80 Hours Per Month

All Services Included

5 Hrs Free Training

Operational Management

Company Training

VA 6 Monthly Appraisals



VA Premium

120 Hours Per Month

All Services Included

7Hrs Free Training

Operational Management

Company Training

VA 6 Monthly Appraisals



VA Enterprise

160 Hours Per Month

All Services Included

10 Hrs Free Training

Operational Management

Company Training

VA 6 Monthly Appraisals



Prefer to build your own dedicated team?

Build a team of 1 to 100, your in control

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

We have made getting started really easy. The first step would be a free consultation. Assuming you are happy after the consultation, the next step would be to purchase the VA package that suits you best. 

Within your welcome email, you will receive a VA request form and a simple set of instructions to get everything moving.

If you are looking to build a dedicated or remote team the process of setup requires a little more detail when it comes to planning and development, agreements and services levels etc.

How long does it take to get started with my VA?

In normal circumstances and with a clear brief defining your requirement, goals, and objectives we can allocate a Virtual Assistant within 24 hours and have them up and running within 72 hours.
Dedicated and remote services can take a little longer since we will need to build a team with the right skills and leadership as well as conform to the scope of work within your outline brief.

How do you find a VA with all the skills I need?

All of our VAs carefully selected and enrolled into Outsourrce University where they are taught the skills they need to become a successful Virtual Assistant.

However, with that said, our aim is to provide you with the best skills to accomplish your tasks with excellence. Therefore, we may provide you with a group of virtual assistants to meet the skills sets and expertise you require.  In this case, we consider the group as one VA in order to maintain clarity across your entire workflow.

Can I uprade and downgrade my monthly package?

Yes you can upgrade and downgrade as frequently as you wish.

Dedicated and remote solutions will be governed by our initial agreement which generally comes with a longer-term contract depending upon the scope and complexity of your requirement.

Are there any additional charges?
No, the monthly fee is all you pay.  The monthly fee does not include third party software.
Is there a contract?

No, you are free to cancel at any time.

However, out of courtesy, we do ask for at least 10 days notice prior to cancellation to help us better manage virtual assistants for our valued new and existing clients.

Do dedicated and remote clients get better treatment?

Absolutly not! All of our clients are equally as important as one another.

Our packaged solutions have been designed to simplify outsourcing and remove a large amount of risk for small businesses when it comes to large teams, contracts and financials. 

Separating our solutions enables us to service all of our clients under unique sets of circumstances. This segregation has helped us build amazing relationships with our clients that last for many years.

Can my Virtual Assistant do tasks you have not listed?
Yes you can train your Virtual Assistant to almost any task you wish so long as it is legal and ethical.  In instances where you want to add tasks that need specific training, our account managers are here to support you and your Virtual Assistant.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps


Choose one or more of our services that will help you streamline your business process, increase sales and profit.


Decide which solution "solo, shared, dedicated or remote" will align itself with your budget goals, and objectives.


Complete the consultation form so we can arrange a good time to discuss your requirement in more detail. 

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